Hest Bank Physiotherapy are a team of experienced Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in the assessment, treatment and prevention of a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.

Our team, consisting of Carol Forrest, Iain Briggs and Helen Seward, are able to offer you appointments at one of our two clinics that are situated in Hest Bank, Lancaster and York Bridge in Morecambe. You can find more details on our team using the team link and on our Lancaster and Morecambe Clinics using the location and tariff link.

What we do.. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and the nerves that drive them. When the harmony of this system is disturbed through poor posture, overuse, injury or disease the fine balance can be disturbed and result in pain, stiffness and poor function.
  • Thorough Assessment
  • Variety of Treatment Options
  • Prevention of Problems
Following a thorough assessment, we can help to relieve your symptoms and restore the system to a more normal function using a variety of treatments that include education about the problem, massage, mobilisation, manipulation, electrotherapy and exercise. We are also able to integrate acupuncture and injection therapy alongside our more traditional therapies.

If you have a problem with.. Headaches, neck or bain pain, Brachalgia or Sciatica, strains, sprains and bruises, sport related injuries, overuse injuries, arthritis and rheumatism, post-fracture stiffness or poor function following joint replacement..

We can help no problem!

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